High level training and competition concerns us all. There are no age limits and deal with each one’s personal milestones that support our health without having to participate in races unless we want it to.
Now is the time for us and the media to stop referring to ages as it is something peculiar. It doesn’t help and creates limits that are surpassed by time. Soon it will be normal for an Olympian to be over 40 years old.
Garefis Christos
Christos Garefis
World Champion
Polyzos Panagiotis
Panagiotis Polyzos
Stefania Polychroniadi
Stefania Polychroniadi
Dimitris Liatsis
Dimitris Liatsis
Tsanidis Konstandinos
Konstantinos Tsanidis
Apostolos Michalakas
Apostolos Michalakas

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Triathlon Cycling
Triathlon Running

Triathlon’s first event is swimming. Athletes compete outdoors in a triangle course. Supersorint (.3 miles 500m) Sprint (.5 miles 750m), Olympic (.93 miles 1.500 m), Half Ironman (1,2 miles 1.930 m) and Ironman (2,4 miles 3.9 km) are the sports registered distances. Finishing the course athletes enter the transition zone where they drop their wet suits and prepare for the bicycle event. When running in the transition zone they have it follow certain procedures such as wearing their helmet first and not riding the bikes before they exit it. Super sprint (6.2 miles 10 km), Sprint (12.4 miles 20 km), Olympic (24.8 miles 40 km) Half Ironman (56 miles 90 km) and Ironman (112 miles 180.25 km) are the regular distances. When finishing the bicycle event, athletes return to the transition zone, following procedures like getting off the bike prior the entrance and hanging it in a specific place. They change in their running shoes and head on the last event. Running is the last event in a triathlon race and the distances are Super sprint (1.6 miles 2.5 K), Sprint (3.1 miles 5 Km) Olympic (6.2 miles 10 Km) Half Ironman (13.1 miles 21 Km) and Ironman (26.2 miles 42.2 km)
Our extensive triathlon training content includes tips for athletes of all levels. Find plans to help keep you on track all created by Triathleta Team.
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Beginners tend to underestimate the need for a plan, but structure helps all levels disperse time and energy over the disciplines.
Target a short race, like a sprint or supersprint. Resist peer pressure to go too long too soon, and give yourself some time to get comfortable with the distances.
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