Triathleta , located in Thessaloniki Greece is a the place where Christos Garefis Team is coaching Triathlon  and Swimming . It concerns all athletes or other  people that want to advance to higher levels of performance and living


Triathleta is a group of people practicing Triathlon, located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Olympic Games participants, State Triathlon Champions, Doctors, Businessmen, Lawyers, Economists, hard working women (world’s highest respected job) are among the ones that follow the everyday scientific practice that Christos Garefis has used over the years of his athletic career. A method of practicing, thinking and living that got him to the top. But what exactly is the top we are all looking for?  Is it an Olympic medal? Is it fame and money? Is it health and endurance? Is it a good looking figure that stands in front of a mirror?  Maybe maybe it is one of the above, maybe some, or maybe not.?
Garefis Christos
Polyzos Panagiotis
In Triathleta we believe that the top is different for every single person in this planet!  Numbers do not lie, so we fix everyone’s profile like there is no other next to him to compare. Our goal is to find through practicing the inner balance between health, thinking and living the regular life that we face every day.  Someone will finish first, another one second someone last and someone will not. But at the end of the day everybody will be a winner and the medal will be one more happy day, one more healthy way of thinking and maybe by next morning our well oxygenated mind will find solutions to our everyday big or small problems. Join us and let us create a practice that fits your life and numbers. We can do it either if you aim high competition races, advanced every day age group practice, medium or beginners. Consult your doctor, do your physicals and let us do the rest. Our team will evaluate your data, get our medical’s staff approval and work with you either live or virtual.
Our practice techniques are based on vectors and numbers. Each one has his own parameters that we use to create the program of practicing. Breathing, stretching and mind techniques will help you achieve your goal.

Triathlon Cycling
Triathlon Running

The scale is cruel! For the first time in my life my weight reaches 3 digit numbers in kilos...I have just run out of excuses ...I am not an athlete and my every day schedule is full. Triathleta has all I need. Practice programs for everyone.  I am a champion of my own life!

Triathlon’s first event is swimming. Athletes compete outdoors in a triangle course. Supersorint (.3 miles 500m) Sprint (.5 miles 750m), Olympic (.93 miles 1.500 m), Half Ironman (1,2 miles 1.930 m) and Ironman (2,4 miles 3.9 km) are the sports registered distances. Finishing the course athletes enter the transition zone where they drop their wet suits and prepare for the bicycle event. When running in the transition zone they have it follow certain procedures such as wearing their helmet first and not riding the bikes before they exit it. Super sprint (6.2 miles 10 km), Sprint (12.4 miles 20 km), Olympic (24.8 miles 40 km) Half Ironman (56 miles 90 km) and Ironman (112 miles 180.25 km) are the regular distances. When finishing the bicycle event, athletes return to the transition zone, following procedures like getting off the bike prior the entrance and hanging it in a specific place. They change in their running shoes and head on the last event. Running is the last event in a triathlon race and the distances are Super sprint (1.6 miles 2.5 K), Sprint (3.1 miles 5 Km) Olympic (6.2 miles 10 Km) Half Ironman (13.1 miles 21 Km) and Ironman (26.2 miles 42.2 km)
Our extensive triathlon training content includes tips for athletes of all levels. Find plans to help keep you on track all created by Triathleta Team.
Triathlon Triathleta Thessaloniki
Beginners tend to underestimate the need for a plan, but structure helps all levels disperse time and energy over the disciplines.
Triathlon’s first event is swimming . Athletes compete outdoors in a triangle course
A triathlon race is made up of three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running.
Triathlon clubs are a great way to meet other triathletes and coaches.
Target a short race, like a sprint or supersprint. Resist peer pressure to go too long too soon, and give yourself some time to get comfortable with the distances.
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